We partner with schools serving a large population of students in low-income communities, and seek out educators who exemplify a commitment to providing students with global leadership opportunities, a passion for travel, and a curriculum outline that aligns with their destination and academic outcomes.

If you would like to apply for funding for your class trip for the spring and summer 2017 programs, applications will be available on our website in late August.

Successful school partners will demonstrate the following:

1. At least 40% of your students are receiving free and reduced price lunch

2. You have a clear alignment with your academic coursework and the trip location for which you are applying, and can adequately demonstrate that this trip adds an educational component and context to your classroom

3. Your students are between the ages of 14-18, enrolled in high school at the time of the program.

4. Your trip is for no more than 20 students

5. All of your students are legal residents of the U.S.

6. You have support from your school administrators and leadership to take your students abroad

7. You will be able to have at least 3 chaperones for your trip who will be able to pay or fundraise for all or some of their expenses

8. Program requirements and student commitments must be able to be fulfilled during the course of the academic year (or within 3 months of program return). Commitments include:

  • Student contributions to a travel blog, updated before, during, and upon return of the student trip
  • Cultural and geographic research projects conducted, leading up to the program departure
  • A post-trip writing project about what they learned

We have a rigorous application process and will ask that you provide clear educational goals for your trip.

Applications for our Spring and Summer 2017 program will be available on our website in late August, 2016.